Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Biografical notes by artist Barbara Streiff CH/ NYC Artsmagazine - Bejjing Artfairs International since 1998

Barbara Streiff's work reflects all cultures, all religions, and all time. Born on 1 August 1955 in Lucerne - the heart of Switzerland – Barbara Streiff spent her childhood in the Swiss Alps in the Linth Valley of Glarus. From her first contact with art at age seven, she began learning traditional art techniques from her family and older artists. Later she studied art at l' École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the School of Art and Design Zurich, and the Centre of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus, where she also taught. Travels relating to her work and exhibitions have taken her throughout Europe and the world – from Asia to the Arabic states, from California to Africa, and most recently from Cyprus to Brazil. Barbara Streiff's primal geometry art not only reflects the profound meld of nature and human cultures worldwide, but each piece also symbolizes her own personal passion: To further the evolution and transformation of traditional art into innovative and modern forms by communicating with artists all over the world without forgetting the forests of the Swiss Alps.

国际当代艺术杂志【Artists In Residence / Work-In-Progress Preview】
BEIJING COLLECTION 2011 Artists ... 纽约艺术杂志/ NY Arts Magazine .... is proud to present a series of sketches based on the art actions of Barbara Streiff.

Swiss artist Barbara Streiff by work on installation at historical places.
On photo in the Parc of the Museum Castel Sargans Switzerland

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Installation "Urgeometrie in UV-Licht" since 2005 in network of european Universities
Interaktive Installationen - experimentelles Gestalten zum Thema "Urgeometrie im UV-Licht". Beitrag Schwarzlicht Experiment Digital Art Week ETH 07 ...

Drawing Spiders in UV-Light Digital Art Project ETH Zurich

Conceptual art by Barbara Streiff - Installation "Mother Matrix", primae geometrie in UV-Light.

Interactive Installation Emirate7 in UV-Light

Emirat7 - blacklight installation with "archaich symbols in communication on place" context by Barbara Streiff CH.
Technical instruction & input by Bruno Kälin.
Inspiration in the history, vegetation and evolution of the United Arab Emirates.
Archaic symbols, with the philosophie „aion – primea geometrie“ in communication with the happenings on place.

Art in progress by intuitive paintings, in abstraction. Installation with lightfull objects and sound,
will be a invitation to the interested visitors, to seet down and to have inspiration of this art by relaxing, to go in and to be a part of it by interaction.

Barbara Streiff's thoughts on the Aion symbols - after twenty years of examining the symbols of nature while creating paintings, sculptures and installations.



On all the paths leading from my childhood up until today - in my observations of, encounters with and being in nature, as well as on journeys to a variety of countries and cultures - I found ten recurring, archaic symbols which unite all cultures and religions and span all ages.
They take the form of simple, reduced symbols - "primal geometry" - which unite everything in accordance with natural law. Through our senses, every person is able to perceive, see or experience the forms and occurrences of these symbols daily.

  • The point, uniqueness, represents a pebble as well as a planet, humanity and every single living being.
  • The line depicts the path, horizon or the growth of a plant.
  • The spiral is seen in the movement of water; we also find it in whirlwinds and on ancient shells.
  • Three stars reveal the infinity of the cosmos;
  • while the lightening bolt represents energy.
  • The square stands for a house, physical being.
  • The parallel lines illustrate repetition,
  • and the cross joins extremes.
  • The triangle is often symbolic for Spirit; it also portrays a mountain.
  • The circle ultimately implies protection for all living beings, religions and human cultures.

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Mother Matrix in Motion - Vegetation in archaic Symbols
Interaktive Installationen - experimentelles Gestalten zum Thema "Urgeometrie im UV-Licht". Beitrag Schwarzlicht Experiment Digital Art Week ETH 07 ...

Motion with paintings from the vegation by interaction of visitors.

Auf den Bällen, welcher zum Thema Vegetation bemalt ist, entsteht bei der Interaktion ein bewegtes Bild. Diese Werke dürfen berührt und gerollt werden. Für die Ausstellung in Dubai werde ich inspiriert von der Natur des Emirats eine individuell Gestaltung entwerfen.

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Labyrinth "Mother Matrix" with 48 paintings to the elements

Labyrinth to walk in and out by looking the 48 paintings to the elements, water-fire-air-earth.

Labyrinth - Begehbares Werk mit 48 Bildern zu den Elementen.

Labyrinth der Elemente mit 48 Bildern in einer Meditation in Verbundenheit mit dem Wasser, der Luft, der Erde und des Feuers gemalt. Bei einer Interaktion können die Bilder beim Hinein und Hinausgehen betrachtet werden.

Ausstellungen 1998/2011 von Barbara Streiff

2011 State Museum Urban Sculptures ST. Petersburg RU / Skulptur Reflektion
2011 Kunsthaus Glarus / Movie Installation „No smoking Beijing“
2010 Museum Schloss Sargans „Urzeichen Natur“ Skulpturen / Malerei / Movie 
2009 NYArts Beijing, Solo Exhibition China Artgarden / Installation & Movie
2008 Kirche St.Gallen / Projekt „Elemente“ Interaktive Installation / Movie
2008 Border Nicosia / Public Art Project around Monumentalsculptur of war
2008 Cultur Heritage Kykko Mountains Cyprus / Natural Art Installation
2008 Universitäten Europas - Digitales Kunstprojekt - Experimente Urgeometrie
2007 Kulturvilla Zürisee Horgen / Installation mit Bildern & Skulpturen
2007 DAW ETH Zürich Installation "primea geometrie" UV-Licht
2006 Kunsthaus Glarus, Gruppenausstellung / Kinetische Skulptur Reflection
2005 Kulturvilla Uster Zürich / Ausstellung mit Bildern & Skulpturen im Park
2005 Gallery U-Bahnschacht 3, Potsdamerplatz 1 Berlin / Installation Urzeichen
2005 Kunstforum Gartenflügel Ziegelbrücke / Skulpturen im Park
2005 Skulpturenpark, Gernot Huber Stiftung Hamburg / Werk Kupferspirale
2004 CH-Konsulat Ausstellung Berlin: Auswahl Präsentation Schweiz in Berlin
2004 Kykko Monastery Cyprus / Installation Skulpturen im Baum vor dem Kloster
2004 Europa Ausstellung "von der Quelle bis zum Meer" Hommage an die Natur
2003 Sinty Monastery Paphos Cypro / Natur Installation, Skulpturen & Malerei
2003 Kirche Saatlen Zürich / Altar Dreinigkeit, Kulturen verbindende Zeichen
2003 World Exhibition for Freedom. Patronage Curator/Artist
2002 Guggenheim Museum Bibao / Performance Reflection Gugenheim NYC
2002 Kultur Heritage Paphos Cyprus - Natural Art Installation
2002 Museum Kartause Ittingen Kunst Residenz / Buch zur Urgeometrie
2001 Kultur Heritage CY / Malerei - Skulpturen zur Philosophie "aion"
2000 NY Arts Magazine International NYC Installation "Urgeometrie"
1999 Broadway Gallery NYC / Galerie Ehrensperger Zürich / Glarus
1999 Kunsthaus Glarus / Installation fliessendes Wasser - die Vielfalt des Seins
1999 Public Art Project Klöntal Glarus Sulzbachfall / Natural Art Installation
1998 Church Glarus / Sculptur Aion with the symbols of primea geometrie.
1998 Exhibition around Switzerland 50 years Swissaid / Lightsculpture for the region
1983/98 Swiss-Exhibitions  by paintings / objectart / installation
1972/11 Art travel and studies in Firenze, Paris, Indien, Persien, Nepal, NYC,

San Francisco, Cyprus,   Indonesia, Brazil, Beijing, St. Petersburg...
1983/98 Exhibitions on the road in Paris, Teheran, Italien and Switzerland.